Super Arc Light Available to Download Later this Month on Android and iOS

Super Arc Light

On Thursday, All 4 Games announced that Super Arc Light, No Code Studios’ arcade radial shooter, will be available to download from the App Store, the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore later this month. What is Super Arc Light you ask? Let’s find out below!

Super Arc Light is a minimalistic arcade radial shooter, where the player’s goal is to defend their base to the death against waves of tough enemies. The game utilizes a unique one button control system, which delivers a fast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience that will leave gamers coming back for more. The objective…to survive for as long as possible, taking down challenging enemies with speed and precision for the ultimate high score.

Super Hexagon meets Geometry Wars in this classic, stylish arcade shooter. There are many deadly weapons to unlock, each with its own spectacular visual effect – players can look forward to lighting up the skies as they destroy their foes, one by one, in an epic display of space warfare. If you’re wanting to see some gameplay you can check out the trailer featured below.

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