Take A Look Through The Looking Glass With Johnny Depp

Take A Look Through The Looking Glass With Johnny Depp

Yesterday (March 29th), the newest trailer for Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass made its premiere on Facebook. (Check out the trailer here!) I have to say, I really enjoyed how visually stunning the first one was, but it looks like Tim Burton stepped up his game some how. (But then again, when doesn’t he?) Also, can we talk about how wonderful P!NK’s rendition of White Rabbit is? I had chills for roughly 82% of that trailer. The fun doesn’t stop there though; Let’s dive into the rabbit hole.

Johnny Depp and Director James Bobin were not done there. After the premiere, they sat down and had a Q&A with fans about anything, and everything. Check out the video for the full Q&A session.

Johnny Depp and James Bobin are LIVE talking Alice #ThroughTheLookingGlass! Watch the brand new trailer now on Facebook!

Posted by Disney Alice on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A few highlights from the session were:

·         Johnny Depp’s Favorite Moment On A Set: Depp thrives on the unexpected as he tells fans that he loves when the bottle drops out, when there is confusion, when there is the opportunity for chance. He explained that in these moments, interesting things come out that weren’t necessarily expected.

·         Johnny Depp’s Favorite Book:  Fun fact, ladies! The superstar hunk revealed that he doesn’t go anywhere without James Joyce’s book, “Finnegans Wake.” And if you want more deets, Depp confirmed that he has the book, “They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper” by Bruce Robinson on his nightstand.

·         Johnny Depp’s Favorite Song: Charles Trenet’s “La Mer”

·         Where’s Johnny Depp’s Personal Wonderland? If you’re referring to an escape and place to experience anonymity, Depp’s place of choice is in the Bahamas –the only place that guarantees him total freedom.

·         What Kind of Sandwich is Johnny Depp? Born and raised in Kentucky, Johnny confirmed that he’d tap into the hillbilly side of his roots and be a bologna sandwich. A white-trash one to be exact.

Alice Through the Looking Glass TrailerThe Time is nearly here! Wander into the wonderful world of Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass:

Posted by Disney on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

You can get your tickets now through Fandango to go see what is sure to be a hit. (Put Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter together and how could you not?)

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