New Games come to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility

As many of you remember we’ve had tons of games show up as downloadable when the game were being tested for Xbox One. With the list of Xbox 360 titles we can now play I will not be shocked if one day most of the games out for Xbox 360 start working. You can find our write up on one of the mishaps by clicking here that announced a few of these titles that released today. Today, three new games just sent live, which some are featured on that link. What games you ask?

For those of you who own Alan Wake you can now download the game. I will say sorry for this picture from my cellphone, but hey look at  that Alan Wake downloading. If you haven’t had the chance to play the game you’re really missing out. You’ll really want to pick up this game and give it a try.

Alan Wake

Yes, I did say three games and for those of you wanting to know the other two you’ll be as happy as I was. The games include Pac-Man for the Xbox 360 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night! I’m very excited to put in time again Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The last time I played I was stuck at a boss in the mirrored castle. Maybe now I can beat it! If you’ve yet to buy or play the game you may want to do so as of today.


What do you think of the games you can now download? Comment below! We’d love to hear what you think.

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