TrackMania Turbo Open Beta Starts this Friday

TrackMania Turbo Open Beta Starts this Friday

As someone who is playing the Xbox One version of TrackMania Turbo for review I’ve been putting in quite a bit of time. Well Ubisoft has just announced that TrackMania Turbo is getting an open beta, which will start on March 18th and will last until the 21st. Yes, only two days away and gives you a few days of practice!

Ubisoft first announced TrackMania Turbo during E3 2015 and since that time I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the game. Who doesn’t enjoy racing games like this? Trust me when I say the creations people make on the past TrackMania games and the creations people may build it’ll be quite amazing to see what will happen. What is TrackMania Turbo? Just click here and you’ll be well informed on what the game is. For those of you who don’t like Wiki just watch this trailer below.

While TrackMania Turbo doesn’t release until March 22nd you’ll get a chance to play the game shortly. Maybe, you’ll go after my times in-game if they happen to show up. For now you can enjoy the new trailer Ubisoft has released for the game. You can expect my review in a few days so I can’t wait to play online with many of you reading. To participate in the TrackMania Turbo Open Beta, players can connect starting March 18 at 6 am PDT to their console’s digital store to download it.

To learn more about TrackMania Turbo, visit

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