TrackMania Turbo Xbox One Code Giveaway

TrackMania Turbo Xbox One Code Giveaway

As someone who loves racing games when TrackMania Turbo was announced during E3 2015 I was excited as can be. With only a few more days until the release our friends at Ubisoft would like to give one of you a chance at winning TrackMania Turbo. With all of our giveaways there will be rules to follow, which I’ll get to in just a moment. If you did miss the news today on TrackMania Turbo you can click here.

As many of you who have visited our site the giveaways are quite simple to enter. For those of you new to the site you’ll use the widget below to enter, but please note you have to do every entry for it to count. Our giveaways includes accounts to follow on social media, answering a question in the widget in our comment section below as well as extra entries to grant you a better chance at winning. (This means the comment answer the question is needed since it doesn’t take long for that. No comment = entries will not count in the end. I will also include that we can tell if you’ve used more than one account to enter, which DQ’s  all accounts you used.)

For those of you not into racing games you sure will be after taking part in the upcoming open beta and even then you’ll be thinking up some crazy tracks to create in-game. Now we all know you’re here to enter and try to win, right?

Let’s get into the giveaway and we here at Marooners’ Rock wish you good luck!

TrackMania Turbo Xbox One Code Giveaway

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  • Warren Crosby

    Herby the love bug. Because he is awesome

  • Something fast and loud… Porsche? Lambo? Something like that.

  • Philomath

    Nissan Skyline R34 GTR V-spec because four/all wheel drive is the best. 😀

  • edc

    Lambo .. fast and sweet looking

  • Mikey

    One of those fast Indy cars would be ideal. They’re built for the type of racing in Trackmania Turbo. They look nice too!

  • Jeremy Valentine

    Bugatti Veyron, because it is amazing and it looks good and it is fast, i know it is not the fastest car in the world

  • I’d go with a Lamborghini – love driving them in Forza games.

  • McLaren P1 cuz it’s the fastest car.

  • Nicole Bouchard

    Any Mustang b/c I love them awesome cars <3

  • I would like to use KITT from Knight Rider.
    Because KITT was a badass car.

  • Scott J

    Knight Rider! Because why the hell not.

  • Randy Wallace

    A Porsche 911 GT1. That was the one I always used back in Project Gotham Racing

  • Andrew Willis

    Beta was epic. U know u wanna ubisoft

  • agbavna

    Delorean. When that hits 88mph, you see some serious … 🙂

  • MeuLeu

    I choose the buggy, i love offroad style

  • MetaCloud

    it would be Bug of course or Maclaren!

  • Austin Baroudi

    An RX8 because I just love the way they look!

  • Rich

    Porsche Cayman GT4

  • ToneSibley

    Batmobile of course – nitro for the win!

  • Roger

    Ferrari LaFerrari, the top

  • takumi

    American Muscle.

  • KoЯn68

    Pagani zonda. I love that car

  • yamayamayaamaa

    Mercedes SL because that’s what I drive!

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    a Lamborghini for the win because they’re fast and sexy

  • Garr13

    Something crazy fast & with good handling

  • Cole Martin

    I’d use Baby.. the 67 imapala from Supernatural! Why? Because why NOT! 😀

  • Chante

    Porsche- cause its fast

  • bravesfan

    Mustang b/c I love them fast and awesome cars

  • Gavin

    Bugatti looks good and it is fast

  • nolanchase506

    Ferrari cause its fast and sweet

  • chase1976

    lambo.. top notch and easy on eyes

  • gavdean

    indy car .. pure speed and handling

  • Xavier0728

    McLaren P1 cause of its top speed

  • David Brown

    motorcycle because their fast

  • Josh W

    The Flintstone car…

  • João Xabregas

    The Back to the Future DeLorean DMC-12 because it can time travel 😛

  • Jack

    SRT Viper

  • Sarah Grace

    Pink Subaru WRX cause I love the color pink, AWD, and the beautiful sound that comes from mufflers.

  • Jari Välimäki

    Donald Ducks car

  • Miguel Rodrigues

    Batmobile because it’s fast and big!

  • Luke Powers


  • Axel Gomez

    A cadillac Cien would be nice to see at the pit stop

  • Fred_Baron

    A Formula 1 Car with Union Jack decal – to show Lewis Hamilton he’s not the only one who can pull fancy moves on the racetrack!

  • bipple305

    Chevy Chevelle, look at one. You will understand.

  • swipe1

    Delorean! its so cool it goes back in time, yo.

  • Dkero


  • agentcoop007

    The Blues Moblie

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