TurboExpress Might be Getting an Upgrade

TurboExpress Might be Getting an Upgrade

Hyperkin, the awesome developers of modern ways to play retro games in all sorts of ways, have shared an interesting design concept on their Facebook page. Behold the concept design for the TurboHD.

turbo HD

Of course this will allow users to play HuCard games from the Turbo Grafx series of consoles, plus a few more that use that format. The Turbo Grafx 16 is a bit of enigma, as it wasn’t as popular in America compared to the NES or the Sega Master System. The system was actually fairly popular in Japan, which spawned several games that weren’t ported over. For retro collectors, the Turbo Grafx 16 and its handheld counterpart the Turbo Express are some of the most sought after systems on the market going for as high as $200 USD in almost any condition. The Turbo Express was also cool as it used the same type of game card as the main system, so a player didn’t have to buy specific games for it as long as they had some Turbo Grafx 16 games. Some of the most notable games on the system are Bonk’s Adventure, Ys Book I and II, and Blazing Lazers. Fans of Shoot Em Up arcade style games should definitely look into the Turbo Grafx library, as its one of the most dominant genres with some truly excellent titles available.

All of this greatness does come at a price, as the games still fetch fairly high prices. However, Hyperkin’s TurboHD would solve the system problem and provide some awesome features to keep that era of gaming alive. Either way, its great to see more being done to preserve gaming history, as Hyperkin often does. Stay tuned to Marooners’ Rock as more details become available.

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