Two New Seasons of FLCL Announced

Two New Seasons of FLCL Announced

Out of nowhere, Adult Swim announces that a sequel series to an cult anime hit is coming. FLCL (Fooly Cooly) is one of those shows that’s better understood while watching, rather than trying to explain what it actually is. Visually its dynamic along the lines of Gurren Lagann, while the soundtrack was done by the Japanese band The Pillows.

12 episodes have been confirmed and the fact that Adult Swim will be working alongside Production I.G. Other than that there’s no word on plot or if the same band will be doing the music this time around. Either way, Fooly Cooly fans are sure to be jumping out of their chairs at the news.

Unfamiliar with FLCL? Don’t worry, I haven’t seen any of it at all. However, Funimation does have the first few episodes for free on their Youtube Channel. Below is a trailer.

What’s the verdict? Who’s excited about the new season here on Marooners’ Rock? Let us know on our social media pages.

Personally, I think I found the next anime for me to watch.

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