Wargaming Opens WGLabs in Search of New Talent

Wargaming Opens WGLabs in Search of New Talent

Whether an avid player, or one that’s never played World of Tanks, its hard to deny its influence on the multiplayer space as a free-to-play game. Now that same development team has opened a new branch, WGLabs, and they’re looking for new ideas to continue innovating multiplayer. Starting today, a contest has opened up for any multiplayer game with an alpha or higher build to later be judged with the prize being $10,000. Entries will be accepted until April 30th, while judging will be done through May with the winning project being announced on May 30th or the 31st.

Not only is this a great way to earn some cash with creativity, its also a chance to get professional feedback from veterans of game design. With all of these projects flowing in, there are bound to be a few that really stand out. Meaning, the next great multiplayer hit could come from the most unlikely of places. All the while, WGLabs will be there to nurture the game into something great. Presumably, there may be publishing opportunities aside from the cash prize, but there is no guarantee listed in the contest details.

To see full details or submit a project, head over to Dev Contest page on the WGLabs website. Thinking on submitting a project? Let us know in the comments below.


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