Werewolves Within is Bringing Social Gaming to Video Games

Werewolves Within is Bringing Social Gaming to Video Games

Tabletop games are something that video games have been trying to replicate over the years with varying degrees of success. Whether its the virtual tables of Roll20 for Dungeons & Dragons or the many variations of Apples to Apples, there’s something that board games have that video games lack. Ubisoft is trying to bridge that gap with their take on the classic social game, Werewolf. In their version, called Werewolves Within, they are using VR technology to really show off player’s movements and nuances to make for what seems like a great experience.

Basically, players will become a villager who are meeting up with their fellows every night for a meeting. Their objective is to deduce who the werewolf among them is in various ways. What ensues looks to be a fit of laughs, lies, and monologues. Werewolves Within is just one of the stand out titles in development for VR systems, one that looks to be worth getting people together for.

Look for Werewolves Within on various VR platforms, but until then brush up your detective skills with the original board game.

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