Youtubers Take on Athletes in DAY OF DOOM

Youtubers Take on Athletes in DAY OF DOOM

There’s something magical that happens when you put charismatic gamers in a competitive setting. This is made even better when its two groups that have been known to rarely get along. Athletes and gamers often have a friction between them, especially in the school setting, but now they are teaming up to see who is the best at Doom Multiplayer.

Doom, the revamp of a defining game series, is getting a tournament that will pit famous Youtube gamers against each other. Each of them are teaming up with some of the best athletes in the world. On the sports side,  Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson, and Thierry Henry step off their respective fields join a Youtuber. Youtube personalities joining the fray include: iJustine, SSSniperWolf and Rooster Teeth’s Adam Kovic and Michael Jones. Watch the trailer below to learn who’s teamed with who. Oh, and it’s also hilarious.

On March 29th at 3pm PST, hell will crack the grounds beneath the feet of mortals and the Day of Doom will be upon us.

All of the action will be streamed on Rooster Teeth’s channel through Youtube Gaming. Each member listed above will be the captains of their own teams and frag each other in a single elimination style bracket. Kicking off that same weekend is the Doom Multiplayer Closed Beta test. After seeing all of the promotions, know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for a Beta code to pick up a Chainsaw and become a demon.

Will this event be as entertaining as Conan playing Mortal Kombat X with Marshawn Lynch and Gronkowski? Or is it just another way for Youtubers to push their way into Television production? Guess we’ll learn this and more on the



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