Nintendo Drops News on Mobile Games, Zelda, and the NX

Nintendo Drops News on Mobile Games, Zelda, and the NX

Just a few short months before E3, Nintendo revealed their strategy for the new (fiscal) year, including dropping the first official news about their new console, the NX.

The focus seemed to be on Nintendo’s expansion in the mobile market. Their first foray into the mobile market, Miitomo, has already crossed 10 million downloads. According to Nintento, Miitomo has sparked more than 300 million conversations, along with 20 million Miifotos. To celebrate this milestone, there will be a 10-day promotion, running from April 29-May 8.

“As we report the results of the last fiscal year, we also look forward to an exciting period ahead with further growth in our mobile business, new products for our dedicated video game systems and continued progress in our efforts to increase the number of consumers experiencing our IP through games, licensing and expanded entertainment,” said Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima.

Along with Miitomo, Nintendo is planning mobile apps attached to Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, the latter of which could halt the global economy if it’s as addicting as the game that spawned it. Animal Crossing on mobile will also connect with the console and handheld versions. Fire Emblem will be crafted as a more accessible role-playing game, which, considering the series as a whole, will be essential for bringing in a more casual audience. They will apparently combine the more social aspects of Miitomo with heavy game elements as well. Nintendo also mentioned their aim to have “multiple types of apps” in order to appeal to a broader audience, namely those gamers that play primarily on their mobile device.

On a sadder note, it was revealed that the next Zelda game won’t launch until 2017. The game was developed simultaneously on Wii U and the NX, and the teams apparently need more time to finalize both versions. However, it will be the focus of Nintendo’s E3 show, and the new Zelda will be playable on the Wii U on the show floor.

The biggest news is obviously the NX news. While no details on the specs were discussed, it was announced that the NX is slated to launch in March, 2017. It will not be showing up at E3, but they did confirm that the official unveiling will be coming sometime later this year.

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