ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New Steam Update

ARK: Survival Evolved Gets New Steam Update

Spiders, and Mantas, and Direbears OH MY! Studio Wildcard has a busy weekend planned with PAX East 2016. (If you haven’t seen the schedule check it out here!) They are here to prove that even though they are busy, they’re not afraid to add to that hecticness! Yesterday they announced a new update will be coming to the Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved and it is filled to the brim!

First up, survivors will now be able to find (or be found by may be the more accurate description) Direbears around the island. Imagine a bear, but make it a lot larger. Like quite a bit larger.

ARK BEARSecond, you will now be able to find the deadly Manta off the shores! Generally docile, Mantas can be found in rivers, shallows and the open ocean. Even though they are not fast creatures, they make up for their lack of speed with how deadly they are. They are some of the deadliest of small ocean mounts and you also have the ability to ride them bare-back. (Pair it with the direbear and you can ride “bear-back.”) Also, you can race them like jetskiis!  WHY WASN’T THIS IN THE GAME BEFORE!?

ARK MANTAFinally, you will be able to create two new structures, the Chemistry Table and Primitive Cannon, and can step up to the first Boss Arena: the Broodmother. *Shudders* I hate spiders. Dive into her cobwebbed lair with some dinosaur compatriots, and take her down! The new trailer shows a little bit of each portion of the update, with more to come in the future! No announcement as to when this will be coming to the Xbox One has been announced quite yet. Keep an eye on @SurviveTheArk for more updates throughout PAX East 2016, because they have a few surprises up their sleeves.

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