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Borderlands 3 is Coming Once Battleborn DLC is Finished (Updated)

Borderlands 3 is Coming Once Battleborn DLC is Finished (Updated)

Gearbox fans rejoice! Not only is Battleborn less than a month away, but Borderlands is getting another entry in the well-loved franchise. This will be the first time Gearbox themselves have worked in the Borderlands universe since the second game, meaning all qualms with the Pre-Sequel many hardcore fans had should be eradicated. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford revealed this announcement during a panel at PAX EAST, in which he casually claimed, “Obviously there’s going to be another Borderlands.”

Also during this panel, it was revealed that fans of Borderlands should keep their eyes open while playing Battleborn, as there will be several easter eggs and references to find. Some of the Battleborn characters will also be showing in Rock Band 4 of all things.

While there was no word on when this next Borderlands can be expected, the sheer fact that that’s what Gearbox is planning is exciting. We’ll keep a close watch on Gearbox throughout PAX for anymore information. Until then, look forward to Battleborn, coming out on May 3rd.



It does seem Eurogamer is wrong on this news as you see from their link. While we reported this news via Eurogamer posting about it we were just as excited. See below for the comments Randy the CEO of Gearbox provide on Twitter to those who follow. However, while the Borderlands 3 part is mixed information at this time the Rock Band 4 news is true.

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