Breaking: Kingdom Hearts Development on hold Indefinitely due to Overwhelming Reception of FF XV

Breaking: Kingdom Hearts Development on hold Indefinitely due to Overwhelming Reception of FF XV

Last night Square Enix had quite an evening. With thousands upon thousands watching, they showed off the masterpiece many have been waiting for about 10 years; The masterpiece being Final Fantasy XV. While many “aah”ed and “ooh”ed about the beautiful world in front of them, there was a small group that was not, and that would be the game developers. What they were witnessing was completely overwhelming. They never imagined the audience would respond so overwhelmingly positively about the future Final Fantasy title.

Due to this, Square Enix is wanting to be firing on all cylinders up until release, just to make sure the title is as close to perfect as one can get. Unfortunately, this leads to a major bummer. Square is pulling developers and designers from the Kingdom Hearts III project, causing the title to be put on hold.

As saddening as this is to me, since this is my favorite series, it makes sense once you think about it. Since FFXV is due out September 30th, and Kingdom Hearts hasn’t been shown off nearly at all, (so we can assume a 2017 release date at the earliest) turning focus to the title that is going to bring major bucks (as well as cost them major, roughly $600,000,000) is logical. Many team members said that while they are excited for the new Kingdom Hearts title in the future, a lot can barely even focus on it due to excitement for FFXV. This is causing many workers to jump ship to work on the title they want to play now.

No future updates have been announced in regards to when development is to start back up, so until then, I am going to leave you with a list of characters we all miss from the series.

A nsem the Wise
P ooh
R iku
I ago
L ea

F uu
O ogie Boogie
O nion Knight
L arxene
S aix

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