Deep Silver Announces Merits Program

Unlock Red Rebel Combat Gear for Resistance Mode

Deep Silver Announces Merits Program

Earlier today Deep Silver announced the Homefront: The Revolution `Merits` program.  Starting today players can go to and begin earning merits by completing missions on the site.  Completing missions will help players dive deeper in to the lore of the Homefront universe and allow you to aquire some swag for your character along the way.  Players will be able to unlock individual items for the Red Rebel Combat Gear.  The more missions you complete the more items you receive.  The gear, when unlocked will be usable in the games resistance mode when the game launches, May 17th of this year.

In addition to the merit program announcement Deep Silver also released the `Hearts And Minds 101` featurette showcasing how players can perform actions in the games open world.  It also shows off the games red, yellow, and green zones as well as how to earn the support of the oppressed citizens of Philadelphia. The video reveals how players actions have a direct effect on the world around them, with an ultimate goal of igniting a revolution.

I for one am incredibly excited to play this game some more.  I was able to play the beta for a weekend and was impressed with the little bit that Deep Silver let beta users try.  It will be interesting to see the mechanics of this game come together as they are offering what seems to be a very unique multiplayer experience to go along with the single player campaign.  I was a huge fan of the first Homefront title because the story was extremely captivating. If you are interested in the Homefront universe make sure to visit and while you’re there make sure to complete your missions for your Red Rebel Combat Gear.   Make sure to watch the `Hearts and Minds 101` video as well so you will be prepared to start a revolution on May 17th.

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