The Division Update Causing Character Vanishing Acts

The Division Update Causing Character Vanishing Acts

What could be worse than surviving a plague that hits New York, fighting through the survivors that want to stop you from finding a cure, and then just vanishing into thin air? Unfortunately, that is happening to some Xbox One users who have been playing The Division.

After the big April 1.1 update yesterday that brought raids into the title under the name of Incursions, multiple players noticed something missing. Their characters. Only reported on the Xbox One, many players took to the forums to try to find out why their survivor stopped surviving.

The good news: Ubisoft quickly found the issue and has a rollback planned. Instead of deleted, the characters were simply corrupted from a malfunctioning server. Soon Ubisoft will take the servers down to do a hotfix to bring all of these survivors back from the dead.

The major downside however, is if you played a lot between the update and your character going missing, you’ve lost all of that progress. Whether on the missing character, or any new characters that were created. While it isn’t great, at least you still have your precious agent. We’ll be sure to let you know when the hotfix is ready to go!

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