The Division’s Incursion Trailer and Infographic on First Month Revealed

The Division’s Incursion Trailer and Infographic on First Month Revealed

150 Million Jumping Jacks.

Yes, Division Agents, you have accomplished the unthinkable! Thanks to a post on UbiBlog, we now know a few key facts about how The Division Agents spent their first month saving New York City, and it’s pretty impressive.

Along with the millions of jumping jacks, agents have killed 17,258,683,433 enemies, helped 250 million civilians, and prefer the Classic AK-47 for a primary weapon. Also, which is somewhat surprising, agents have been roaming the snow covered streets of NYC by themselves more-so than with a trusty squad. 57.2% of playtime for Tom Clancy’s Division has been solo!

To go with this infographic, Ubisoft has also released a trailer for the upcoming Incursions update. As previously announced, this update will bring “end-game cooperative missions called Incursions”, with the first one being Falcon Lost, as well as loot trading, gear sets, more weapons and supply drops.

The Incursion update launches tomorrow, April 12th, on all platforms.

Are you still taking back the streets of The Big Apple? What’s been your favorite part of Tom Clancy’s The Division? Let us know below!

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