Ed Boon Reveals Secret Mortal Kombat Game, Mythologies: Scorpion

Ed Boon Reveals Secret Mortal Kombat Game, Mythologies: Scorpion

It’s been 19 long years since we’ve seen a side-scrolling Mortal Kombat action game, but fans fondly remember Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero on PlayStation and Nintendo 64, and pounding enemies into pud while avoiding dangerous traps. And that’s exactly what producer Ed Boon is banking on.

Hinting at a big “Mortal Kombat secret” for several weeks now, Boon finally let the cat out of the bag – Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Scorpion is on the way!

“It was just time,” said Boon. “I mean, people have been hanging for forever waiting to see where the Mythologies series would go next, and I just felt that if Sub-Zero could get his due, why not Scorpion?”

Like Sub-Zero, the game will be a side-scrolling action/adventure utilizing the current Mortal Kombat X engine developed by NetherRealm Studios. “Scorpion’s gonna be able to do all kinds of neat stuff,” said Boon. “He’ll be able to breathe fire. He’ll be able to climb up rock mountains with the help of his spear. He’ll be able to teleport into hidden rooms and pick up secret Liu Kang statues.

“There’s even going to be a level that takes you into Hell, where you face off against Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and even a fake president character named Ronald Frump. It’s going to be amazing.”

When asked if the game will contain any traditional fighting elements, Boon said, “We’re going to focus on the movement mechanics. I can’t help but love how fans have said how memorable the segments with avoiding rocks are. We’re bringing more rocks. And they’re going to look fantastic on PS4 and Xbox One.

“We’ve got a game for fighting already with Mortal Kombat X, and now it’s time to go back to the old-school with side-scrolling.”

When asked if the game would include any secrets, Boon noted, “Yes, we’re going to include an NBA Jam style mini-game, where instead of dunking balls into a basket, you get the opportunity to slam severed heads into it. We even got Tim Kitzrow yelling stuff in the background like, ‘Fatality!’ and ‘The nail in the coffin!’ Perfectly fitting for a game such as this.”

As far as a release date, Boon kept quiet, but said we can expect more information at E3 – the same time that WB Games will also revealed its rumored Lego The Matrix title. “I just hope the final two movies are represented well, because YEEEEESH,” said Boon. “But you didn’t hear that from me.”

Look for more information on Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Scorpion during the E3 presentation, around the 41:16 minute mark.

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