Elite Dangerous: Arena Launching Today for Xbox One

Elite Dangerous

The well received Kickstarter game Elite Dangerous is adding Elite Dangerous: Arena to Xbox One today. Those already owning Elite Dangerous now have Arena (“CQC” has been changed in the menu to “Arena”), but this new addition will allow newer players to take part in the PvP portions of the game.

A first-person dogfight in space, Arena gives players access to four different ships, each with a specific focus. Custom loadouts are unlocked as you progress, allowing players to tweak their play style as they go. There are four arenas to experience as well.

Players can choose between eight-person free for all, team deathmatch, and capture the flag modes. On the cosmetic front, there are now hundreds of paint jobs, and new decorations for your ships dashboard.

Elite Dangerous: Arena for Xbox One launches today for $7.49. If you’re looking to jump in to the full experience, Elite Dangerous for Xbox One is available now for $37.49.

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