King of Fighters XIV is Being Localized

King of Fighters XIV is Being Localized

King of Fighters is a series that followed hot on the heels of Street Fighter 2 as an SNK franchise that’s known for its 3v3 battles. In most versions, players select a team of three fighters and duke it out until no one is left. It has also been a staple in the 2D fighting scene, even crossing over with Capcom on several occasions. Now, a new game is on the way and lucky for English speakers, it is being localized by the legendary Atlus.

King of Fighters XIV uses an art style that stays true to its roots while using the advanced 3D framework of today’s console scene. SNK grew comfortable with their hand drawn sprites, being some of the best animations out there for a fighting game, but now with 3D characters they get to break out of their comfort zone. Once again the franchise is following in the footsteps of Street Fighter, but KoF could use Capcom’s blunders to satisfy players. King of Fighters XIV is coming exclusively to the PS4, the seemingly go to console for fighting games here of late.

The roster boasts 50 characters, all available at launch with no DLC required. Those who want to team up instead of fight can play the new Party Battle mode, which lets six players battle 3v3, with each player getting one character. Let’s get that mode in EVO! Atlus also mentioned that with the PS4 network capabilities, this will be an excellent King of Fighters competitively online. King of Fighters XIV is coming later this year.

As exciting as the localization news is, fans of the series should also know that two more characters were announced. Watch the trailer below to meet MuiMui and Kukri below!

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