Could a New Xbox be on the Way?

Could a New Xbox be on the Way?

Speculation has been drifting around about a “new” Xbox One, a la PS4.5 from Sony. Phil Spencer even mentioned the possibility of having a PC-esque Xbox One that will allow component upgrades over time, so the life span is prolonged. Well, earlier this week we may have gotten a look at a couple of new things. NeoGAF user “ekim” did some digging and noticed two new FCC IDs filed by Microsoft.

These two IDs, identified as models 1682 and 1683, are for a Microsoft Corporation Dual-band Wireless Accessory Radio and a Microsoft Corporation 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2T2R dual-band wireless LAN radio. Even further digging shows that one ID references what could be the Xbox One Safety Manual while the other does not. This could mean that not only one New Xbox One is on its way, but a possible second that is significantly different. (see Xbox One Upgradable rumors)

It appears the NDA isn’t lifted until June 25th for 1683 and July 29th for 1682. Microsoft will more than likely keep their lips sealed until their E3 Press Conference on June 13th. Until then, we’ll keep our speculation helmets on and hope that we are getting an Xbox One Slim, and an upgraded version. What do you think?

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