Nicalis to Publish Creepy Castle this Summer

Nicalis to Publish Creepy Castle this Summer

CreepyCastle_Screenshot03Nicalis has brought some awesome, retro-inspired games into the gaming space over the past few years. Nicalis are the publishers behind indie hits such as Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, 1001 Spikes, and Cave Story. Needless to say a portfolio of that caliber says there is something remarkably charming about the company. Their latest project, being developed by Dopterra, is Creepy Castle, a side-scrolling RPG in which players will explore a complex story as Moth, the moth.

Even though the game looks like a mix of the Little Nemo in Dreamland on the NES and Cave Story, Creepy Castle actually uses turn-based combat. Each enemy has their own challenges associated with them, meaning there probably won’t be a singular strategy, forcing players to adapt to the situation. There will be tons of lore to collect along the way, which will be found in the game as items, as well as a bestiary. Each piece will enrich the plot and setting in various ways, from dusty tomes to the scrawling of a madman.

Players will also be able to customize the interface to their liking. Don’t like health bars? How about some hearts? Maybe a forest border? Personally, I like the mechanical gray border. There will be tons of ways to set the game in the most effective set up for the player to make a play-through feel more personal. Think of it as the Xbox One Elite Controller, but as an overlay to this unique looking RPG.

Creepy Castle will be coming to Windows, OSX, and Linux sometime this summer.

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