JRPGs Localisations Cancelled by Developers

"We are tired of adjusting underwear"

JRPGs Localisations Cancelled by Developers

In the wake of a number of recent US localisations of JRPGs requiring Japanese developers to change content specifically related to sexual themes to better fit an American audience, a number of developers have cancelled their plans to release their games in the US. This decision seems to be more of a concern of the mindset of the workforce than financial or keeping true to original content. Earlier today at a press conference called by all the developers involved this was said.

“Our employees are tired of adjusting underwear, removing body modifiers in character creators, and worrying whether or not a character will be included in the US release. So we’ve decided it’d just be easier to not release it. It may mean less money and having upset fans, but seriously guys, this kind of work, simply said, straight up sucks.”

-CEO of Video Game company

In effort to give their employees less sucky work, these developers are saying no to US localisations and Yes to working on cooler stuff. This could be a revolutionary strategy if the result is a more motivated workforce. Time will tell what games specifically this will impact and whether or not there will be a rise in Japanese game imports into the US.

Will your highly anticipated game be impacted by this sudden cancellation? Probably not since this is a joke.

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