Quantum Break’s Anti-Piracy Method Hands Out an Eye-Patch of Justice

Quantum Break’s Anti-Piracy Method Hands Out an Eye-Patch of Justice

Keeping the trend with Alan Wake, Quantum Break developer, Remedy, has ensured that the players who illegally acquire a copy of the title will know they have been caught.

If you were to play Quantum Break on a PC illegally, or even simply signed out of the Windows 10 store and the DRM kicks in, the main character, Jack, will don a brand new eye-patch with, naturally, a skull and crossbones. While it appears you can still play the title, every time you look at Jack, you will be reminded that you are indeed a pirate.

While this is seemingly harmless, there are other examples of anti-piracy methods that are much more severe. For example, if you played an illegal copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, some of Batman’s abilities, including the ability to glide, are disabled. One such “pirate” had this happen to him and, brilliantly,  posted on Eidos’ forums and was caught red handed.

Another brutal, yet absolutely amazing, example is Earthbound. Playing a bootlegged copy will allow you to get to the end, albeit with harder and more frequent battles, yet when you are about to face the final boss the game freezes. When you reset, you will quickly become aware that the game has deleted your save file, and that you’ve become a victim of sweet retribution.

Have you run into any more hilarious anti-piracy methods? Let us know below! For more Quantum Break, be sure to check out our review, in which we said that it’s “A one-of-a-kind game that is worth coming back to even after you’ve beaten it.”

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