Red Dead Redemption 2 is Probably Happening

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Probably Happening

Originally showing up on NeoGAF, gamers around the net were treated with a diverse map that was supposedly the setting for a sequel to one of the best games on the last generation of consoles. Red Dead Redemption brought the western genre into the mainstream with a well made open world and a plot akin to the classic novels of gunslingers, whiskey, and dust. Red Dead Redemption first was released back in 2010 and a sequel has been wanted for quite some time. An unnamed source shared with Techradar that the map was legit and even went as far as to mention that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a prequel.


While the classic Red Dead Redemption took place in a fairly tame environment, this map shows much more water and more variation. It appears to have forests, deserts, and the fact that there are so many rivers suggests that some sort of transportation will be used. Maybe our gunslinger will learn how to canoo or maybe the hero will be of Native American heritage? Either way, its exciting to see such variety in the map.

So far there has been no official comment by Rockstar, but as the word spreads there will surely be some sort answer on the way. One can assume that something will appear at this year’s E3, but it may show up sooner in a press event. With Grand Theft Auto V being as successful as it was, it makes sense to leave the city streets for something different, especially when its bringing back a well-loved franchise.

Got revolvers and trains on the brain? So do those voting for Xbox One compatible 360 titles. Red Dead Redemption currently holds over 138,000 votes to be added and it has popped up on the marketplace before, but was taken down. To vote, check out this feedback section of Xbox’s website.

As more and more media outlets share this leak, Rockstar is bound to make some sort of statement or send a message out via social media. When that happens, Marooners’ Rock will let you know.

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