Romero and Carmack Reunite to Bring a New FPS to PC

Romero and Carmack Reunite to Bring a New FPS to PC

The phrase “you can’t go home again” is certainly appropriate in most cases, but leave it to luminaries John “I Wish I Had His Hair” Romero and Adrian Carmack to prove us wrong.

Romero and Carmack co-founded id Software and created the first-person shooter as we know it. They are reuniting to create BLACKROOM, a new FPS that will fuse nostalgia from the duos classic creations with a faster model of gameplay, as well as deep exploration elements, and a greater versatility of movement.

Of course, multiplayer features heavily into the game, but it will also contain a meaty single player campaign (apparently 10+ hours), and full mod support. The game launches with six multiplayer maps, but expect a huge glut of community maps to expand the possibilities.

BLACKROOM is being Kickstarted and is aimed to be launched on PC. For more information on BLACKROOM™ and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, visit the official Night Work Games ( site and follow the studio on Facebook (, Twitch, Twitter (@nightworkgames) and YouTube.

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