RWBY Vol. 3 DVD and Blu-Ray Coming Soon!

RWBY Vol. 3 DVD and Blu-Ray Coming Soon!

That’s right! Rooster Teeth has announced that Vol. 3 of their hit anime series RWBY will be releasing on May 3rd, 2016! I am more excited than Yang with one Yell(ow) of a pun!

This Volume is all about the Vytal Festival, the competition that brings Huntsmen and Huntresses from all four kingdom to compete to see who is the best fighter. However, Cinder and her crew seem to have some tricks up their sleeves. Who will be crowned Vytal champion, and who will make it out in one piece? In my opinion, this Volume had some of my favorite fight scenes and some of my favorite music (Never Miss A Beat with the Jazz rendition of This Will Be The Day and I Burn? Yasss plleeaaasssee.) This was by far the best Volume yet in my opinion! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, be sure to pick up the full Volume, or individual episodes are available on Rooster Teeth’s website, their YouTube, or Crunchyroll!


Included with the DVD/Blu-Ray are the following features:

Behind-the Scenes Features:
– Let’s Make a Show: The Legacy of RWBY
Join the cast and crew as they talk about how RWBY was first created and how it has evolved over the past three volumes.
– CRWBY Photo Video
Photo sequence of the crew of RWBY3
– 3, 2, 1: Begin! (Blu-Ray only)
Take a closer look at the Vytal Festival Tournament with in depth interviews with the cast and crew.
– No Heroes in the End (Blu-Ray only)
Join the cast and crew as they explore the Journey of team RWBY and how the experience has affected the characters and the artist who create the show.


“World of Remnant” Episodes:
– The Vytal Festival Tournament
– Huntsmen
– The CCT System
– The Seasons
Audio Commentaries:
– Crew Commentary (Blu-Ray only)
– Director Commentary
– Cast Commentary

RWBY Vol. 3 originally premiered back in October 2015 and aired its finale on Rooster Teeth’s website on February 13th of this year.

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