Star Trek Beyond Going Through Reshoots So That It’ll Make More Sense For Fans

Star Trek Beyond Going Through Reshoots So That It’ll Make More Sense For Fans

Just as David Ayer’s DC-based movie is doing reshoots to add a lighthearted tone to the proceedings, Justin Lin has decided to do the same for Star Trek: Beyond, which was previously set to release this July.

Lin noted, “You know, we took a good look at it, and I said to myself, ‘Damn, this isn’t going to make a lick of sense for fans. Like, where the hell did we get a motorcycle? What’s with the white alien chick that knows kung fu?’ So I went over to Shatner’s house for advice and he told me, ‘When in doubt, delay and reshoot. Worked for T.J. Hooker.’

“So that inspired me to go to the studio and explain that the plot just doesn’t make any goddamn sense. So we’re going back to the drawing board for a bit and going to include jargon and pieces of dialogue that the Star Trek fans will easily understand. There will still be plenty of beaming, but we need to throw in more. Tribbles, a huge Gorn, stuff like that.

“The fans are going to eat this up,” said Lin.

When asked if the first two films could’ve been better, Lin simply noted, “Hey, I’m allergic to lens flare. I tried to watch the first ten minutes of the original film and I freaked out. And that’s what inspired me to make the twenty-mile long runway for Fast & Furious 6. Now you know.”

Lin also addressed concerns that the cast may have over the reshoots. “Oh, they get it,” he said. “Idris Elba told me, ‘Hey, I look sexy as an alien, so go for it.’ And Zach Quinto’s like, ‘Well, I avoided that goddamn Heroes Reborn trainwreck, so it could be worse.’ “So everyone seems to be on board.”

At the present time, Star Trek: Beyond doesn’t have a finalized release date, but Lin said, “It’s all about stardate 4117.”

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