En Masse Announces New Massive Update Secrets & Shadows for Tera


Action-based MMORPG Tera is getting a massive update with new features and content this May with the addition of Secrets & Shadows. The main addition publisher En Masse Entertainment announced was the new ninja class, a hit-and-tun, short-range fighter that places an emphasis on quick reactions and evasion.

Anchoring the Secrets & Shadows update is the brand new ninja class, a covert strike force of elins who wield oversized shurikens and operate as hit-and-run short-range fighters. The ninja’s quick abilities enable players to dodge and evade enemy attacks while dealing deadly damage.

Over the coming weeks, En Masse will reveal more information about the Secrets & Shadows update will be revealed on the website: http://tera.enmasse.com/secrets-and-shadows. Among the exciting new content being added to TERA in the update are three new max-level dungeons, new story developments including the return of an old nemesis, and the introduction of a whole new mode of transport within the world of TERA: flying mounts!

As always, we will keep you updated on any new information!

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