Tiny Build Throws Its Hat into the VR Ring

'Stage Presence' Brings An Interesting Spin To VR

Tiny Build Throws Its Hat into the VR Ring

You’re on stage, the band is playing, the music is fantastic… and then all the electricity blows, and the music dies. The only equipment working is the singular microphone in your hand. Now it is up to you and only you to keep the crowd entertained with only your voice in Stage Presence, the first VR title published by Tiny Build.

Tiny Build has blown up as of lately in the indie publishing market, helping bring us titles like Speed Runners, No Time To Explain, and Party Hard. It seems the perfect title has presented itself for them to break their way into the VR market with Stage Presence.  Stage Presence is being developed by indie developer Sea Green Games from Manchester, UK and it seems to me they already have a hit on their hands.

Stage Presence was announced live on the front page of Twitch from PAX East, Stage Presence is now the first ever VR game to be shown live on the Twitch stage, while hundreds of PAX goers became the first people to take to the stage on the show floor to very positive results.
StagePresence2In the game you will have to keep a crowd entertained for as long as possible using only the power of your voice, the crowd will either love you or boo you off stage.  The game features a full story mode and unlock system with multiple venues to work your way through you can also invite friends into the crowd online, and let them throw bottles of piss at you.  Twitch also is involved in the fun in Stage Presence allowing players to stream the game on Twitch, and let the Twitch chat take control of the crowd taking stage fright to a whole other level.

Do you have what it takes to save the show? Find out when Stage Presence launches on PC and VR platforms in the coming months. You can find out more about this game on http://tinybuild.com/stagepresence.


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