PAX East 2016


Uber Teams with Overwatch in the Best Way

Uber Teams with Overwatch in the Best Way

PAX East is officially in full swing and right of the bat, Blizzard shows off something awesome. Basically, there are three amazing rides with three cosplayers set up to drive lucky customers of Uber around Boston, but only while PAX is happening. Customers can find an Uberwatch option in the Uber app that can get one a ride with pickup at specific locations around the convention center. Destinations can only be within a three mile radius, but riding next to D.Va in a Polaris Slingshot will make up for the short distance available.

D.Va cosplayer shows off her spunk.

D.Va cosplayer shows off her spunk.

Aside from the Slingshot, the other vehicles being used are a Ford F650 Supertruck driven by Agent 47 as pictured below. While Tracer will be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Aventador. What a sight for both gamers and gearheads alike! The cars will be around PAX all weekend long and if you end up getting to ride in one of these awesome rides, consider me jealous.

I would make a compensation joke here, but I fear that rifle he's holding. . .

I would make a compensation joke here, but I fear that rifle he’s holding. . .

Overwatch has been in its beta testing phase for quite a while, with release coming up on May 24th on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. I’ve played quite a bit of the PC beta and found it quite enjoyable. Sure, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of character based shooters, but Overwatch had that wonderful visual style with the typical Blizzard polish. The animated episodes they’ve released have also be fantastic!

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