Ubisoft Giving Free Phoenix Credits for those hit with Bugs

Ubisoft Giving Free Phoenix Credits for those hit with Bugs

While many of us playing The Division including myself have suffered from a good number of bugs ranging from being locked out of an account due to a backpack, backpack plagued and unable to gather more items, or like recently when some Xbox Live players lost their characters for a short time Ubisoft will be sending out a sorry within the game. What do I mean by that? As a result, Ubisoft is handing out free Phoenix Credits to those impacted by backpack being plagued and the bug that was for April 12th, 2016.

Any users who suffered from either of these two bugs will be getting 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 each of every high-end crafting material. (Kind of wish I had these bugs happen to me for those credits!) However, i you were not impacted by the bugs, you can still get some free credits just by logging into the game. Anyone who played this past weekend should receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for the daily challenges not updating. (Happy that Ubisoft is giving free credits for that.)

Ubisoft made this announcement during their recent Twitch stream and all players should receive the credits within the next two weeks. If you have and comments on this or suffered from the bugs or have your credits already let us know in the comment below.

Source: VG247

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