Use Psychic Abilities to Decide Humanities Fate in Selenon Rising

Selenon Rising Comes to Steam This Friday

Use Psychic Abilities to Decide Humanities Fate in Selenon Rising

It is now several hundred years after earth was conquered by a powerful alien race the Selenon that reside on the dark side of the moon, only a single city was left standing.  You play as Violet, an agent of the Bureau ,the organization that works to keep the Selenon appeased by capturing or destroying advanced technology.  She is also an esper – a psychic that can read emotions. Using her investigative and psychic abilities, Violets job is to solve crimes involving high technology before it can be used by the New Moon Resistance, a group that wants to fight the Selenon at all costs.  But, now, something has changed.  As the clock ticks down to an event that could decide the fate of humanity, Violet must use all of the skills at her disposal to figure out the Selenon’s plans before it is too late.

Selenon Rising 2

Are you looking for a new visual novel to satisfy your gaming needs? If the previous paragraph peaked your intrests then you may be in luck. That is the plot to the next title from Fastermind Games, ‘Selenon Rising’ releasing this Friday, April 29th on Steam.  Selenon Rising is a 4 episode sci-fi noir visual novel with each episode lasting about 2 hours.  The choices you make within the game will determine your alignment throughout the story.

The game features investigative gameplay, interrogations using deduction and psychic powers, and Manga style cutscenes.  If any of these features fit into your wheelhouse make sure to check it out on Steam and get ready for it’s launch this Friday.

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