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EGLX Preview: Arrow Heads

EGLX Preview: Arrow Heads

I’ve said it all weekend at EGLX and I’ll say it again: Arrow Heads is the new Super Smash Bros.

When I got my hands on Arrow Heads, I honestly didn’t want to put the controller down, and thanks to the night coming to an end and some very generous developers, I didn’t have to! This is the kind of game where you can kick back with a few of your friends, toss back some drinks, and gang up on that one friend who is up by just a few too many points. The concept is simple: you play as a bird with a bow and arrow. Your mission: kill the other birds. It sounds simple – and it is – but let me tell you, its addictive simplicity – even the most mature of adults won’t be able to put it down while almost any child could easily pick up the controller and beat Mom and Dad!

Arrow Heads - rooftop

The maps we saw at EGLX were very cleverly designed. One of the maps takes place on a rooftop and I found myself often falling off the edge. As frustrating as that was, I was okay with it because of a game mechanic not many others have – once you die, you can still play the game when you “respawn” as a bird-like rag doll, flopping around the map. If you happen to flop into an alive player, you stun them. Now, if that aforementioned friend who is up by a few too many points is still kickin’ around, you can use this as a way to put him/her at a disadvantage – to team up on him, so to speak. Evil, I know. And I love it.

Arrow Heads is still in development with no set release date, so the studio behind of, Odd Bird Studio, is looking for your input. So, head on over to their website, download their 2-map demo, and give them some feedback! I promise it’ll be worth it!

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