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EGLX Preview: Bravery Network

EGLX Preview: Bravery Network

During my time at EGLX last weekend in Toronto, I got my hands on Bravery Network, a future PC game that is still in development and probably a year or so away from release, according to developers.

Bravery Network is set in the future, in a world where everyone is immortal. Since death isn’t a fear, you’ve become bored with life and decide to start testing your bravery. The goal is to try to get the other player to “give up”, so to speak. You can do this by performing physical and emotional attacks, as well as digital attacks.

For example, you may beat your opponent into submission like a true fighting game, or you can take the non-violent method, and perhaps choose to befriend your opponent so they don’t want to hurt you. Digital attacks are intentionally vague, but I’ve been told they are most similar to a magic ability where a flash of light may occur, or you’ll become blind, etc.

Graphically, the game wasn’t incredibly impressive, though you can take that with a grain of salt as the game hasn’t been released yet. Gameplay is interesting and I think the concept behind it is very unique. I’m very excited for this game to eventually be released, and I think you should be, too!

While I was playing this as EGLX, the developers did joke about perhaps opening alpha testing to the early mailing list subscribers. Not sure if that was a joke or something they will follow-through with, but I think it’s worth signing up, just in case!

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