Ghost Recon Wildlands Comes Out of Hiding with a New Trailer

Ghost Recon Wildlands Comes Out of Hiding with a New Trailer

Wildlands is a mysterious game that had little details aside from an announcement that it was a thing. Ubisoft has been hard at work getting The Division up and running with constant support, so it’s understandable that Ghost Recon wasn’t on their minds as much, at least in the public space. Earlier today a new trailer for Wildlands launched with inspirational narration and a vibrant looking portrayal of Bolivia, South America.

Check out the latest sneak peak below.

Not going to lie, I’m not much for military based games, especially ones heavily grounded in actual weaponry, techniques, etc. Sure there’s a ton each game has brought to the the table over the years, but the song and dance seem all too familiar in most games for my tastes. Be that as it may, I found myself getting all tingly watching this trailer. It paints this heroic picture of the Ghosts stationed behind enemy lines, one that will have them taking down some truly menacing villains. It doesn’t show much in terms of the core mechanics, but it gives us a taste of what sort of visual style the developers are going for. While Rainbow Six: Siege is seeing quite a bit of competitive play, it always felt barren to me. Wildlands looks to be doing the opposite, adding the vibrant lands of Bolivia to make a more open world game.

Now an open world Ghost Recon game has some promise and I could see myself sinking some serious time into this one. Let’s hope the content backs up the vision.

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