Killer Instinct Season 3 Xbox One Code Giveaway

Killer Instinct Season 3 Xbox One Code Giveaway

While we’ve seen other sites post reviews of an unfinished season we here at Marooners’ Rock are waiting until all characters have been released before you see our full review of Season 3. However, I can say even with only a few characters released it’s totally worth picking up. After playing as Mira at PAX East I was excited to get home and play as her. What do we have for you today to giveaway on Marooners’ Rock? Well we’re giving one lucky person a copy of Season 3 of Killer Instinct. You’ll get to play as characters such as Mira, Tusk, The Arbiter and Kim Wu with more to come.

To be honest, Killer Instinct is a fun game when it comes to playing online, main story with the fighter you decide on or against friends locally. Plus, you can play Killer Instinct from  your Windows 10 PC if your PC is good enough that is. So if you happen to win you’ll be able to play on Xbox One or Windows 10. Anyways, we all know you’re here to enter a giveaway, but you’ll need to follow the steps in the application below for your chance to win. As with any of our giveaways you’ll see that we have a few things for you to do and you’ll need to do them all for entries to count. We’ve seen some users in past giveaways only complete a few and we’ve even added in extra entries which even include that you can enter with another tweet each day via the widget. Well let’s get started and good luck to all who enter!

Killer Instinct Season 3 Xbox One Code Giveaway

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  • BasicallyAWizard

    Not sure if I have a favorite character, I switch between so many all the time but if I had to main one it would probably be Hisako. Mainly because she can counter many characters if used right, that and she is just straight up creepy.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Riptor because dinosaurs are awesome

  • Joshua Bowers

    Spinal. That laugh he makes when charging at enemies! Teleporting back and forth to punch my enemies from behind and underneath. His stage also has kraken. What’s not to love?

  • Sarah Grace

    Sadira is my favorite character. Love her fight style and weapon, bladed gauntlets with two talons protruding from the knuckles. Girl fighters kick butt!!!!!! <3

  • Rash, I played with him when he was being tested and it was awesome. I look forward to seeing how much he improved in season 3.

  • SubZtx

    Tusk. He is like a combination of Conan and Thor. Not to mention his background music is awesome!

  • Riptor gotta love fighting as a dinosaur.

  • Mikey

    I’d have to go with Rash. It was awesome to test him out after he was initially announced (how surprising it was!), and for the first cameo character, he fit in well in KI.

  • rogXue

    Cinder because I like it hot hot hot!

  • edc

    Riptor cause dino fan

  • Axel Gomez

    I’m a fan of Orchid, since SNES KI. Love her moves and that glowing tiger, that thing always helps me win. Hope he does that here 😀

  • ZombieBacchus

    I am going to go with Spinal. He is a very exciting character to use.

  • KJ

    Thunder because of his Ultra Combo.

  • Iván

    Arbiteer because I love Halo franchise.

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Rash is so much fun to play around with. It’s almost like he shouldn’t be there, but there he is.

  • Bizz_E

    Orchid. To me, she was one of the easier characters to learn.

  • Adric Morrison

    Riptor has always been my favourite character across all killer instinct games. He is a flipping fighting dinosaur

  • Angel

    Jago all the way.

  • Paul Bloyd

    Sabre Wolf… mostly because how how cool he looks.

  • Glacius was my favorite until the reboot, now it’s Spinal or Sadira. Both have rad models and Spinal has a fun, unpredictable playstyle.

  • Daniel

    Cinder! Becuz he’s on fiya!

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    Sabrewulf, cuz he’s badass

  • Manny Jackson

    My favorite character is Glacius, because he’s a pretty chill alien with cool combos.

  • Ricardo Souza

    Fulgore is the one that most makes me remember the first KI games, but i’m better playing as Thunder. Also can’t wait to play as General Raam, love Gears franchise! 🙂

  • Ki has some ncie character but gotta say Battletoads FTW!

  • Raheel

    Night Hawk

  • Bennijin

    It’s a difficult one, but Riptor got me to Killer in Season 2 so it’s got to be her.

  • Justin Plunton

    My favourite is Spinal, Love the skeletal pirate theme going on, not too technical, has nice moves and was the first ultra combo i got 🙂

  • provista

    Riptor is so cool! Always loved reptiles!

  • Austin Baroudi

    Sabrewulf is my favorite because werewolves are awesome!

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