No Man’s Sky Pushed Back to an August Release

No Man’s Sky Pushed Back to an August Release

We’ve been hearing the rumors for a few days now, but it is official. We now know that No Man’s Sky has been pushed back to come out on August 9th in the US based on Playstation’s website. This is disappointing news to fans, who were slated to have their hands on the exploration space game of dreams in just over a week. The rumors started with Gamestop employees being told to cover up the date on their promotional displays with a coming soon sticker.

Following the official news, Sean Murray, one of the lead programmers of No Man’s Sky, received tons of tweets and messages across social media. Not a huge surprise. Some brokenhearted fans went as far as to threaten Murray, but have no fear, he has rearranged the Hello Games office to resemble the house in Home Alone. Or at least that’s what he Tweeted out.

While its good to see that Murray isn’t thinking much of the situation, its terrible to see people threaten someone who simply wants to make the best game possible. The delay was due to a lack of polish that the team wants to iron out before a full release, which is the opposite mentality of most AAA developers these days, so I have to agree with their decision to push it back. It’s much better than playing a game that’s structurally unfit, waiting for a patch. I haven’t forgotten how bad Assassin’s Creed: Unity played and recently the trend continued with Homefront Revolution. Even the phenomenal Dark Souls 3 suffered frame rate drops in certain areas.

No Mans Sky Screen 2

Patience is a virtue that the game industry needs to understand. both sides of the industry, consumer and developer. Often it is the folks in the business side of things pushing games out the door, which is probably why a ton of AAA games start their first week or so in limbo. However, when consumers raise a big to do over wanting entertainment, it doesn’t help the situation and ends up hurting the people putting their life into making something. To put this into perspective, No Man’s Sky was announced in 2013 and yes its a shame that gamers have to wait another couple months.

Yet, I’ve been patiently waiting for Final Fantasy XV, a game that has had a name change, jumped consoles, and was announced in 2006. Good things come to those who wait.


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