Nvidia Shows Off Jaw-Dropping DOOM Gameplay

Nvidia Shows Off Jaw-Dropping DOOM Gameplay

Doom officially launches on the 13th of May, with midnight release events happening at retailers all over. Nvidia decided to wow crowds early by playing a level of Bethesda’s newest game. Using a Vulkan API on a GeForce GTX. Needless to say, Doom has never looked better. Watch the carnage below. An uncompressed version can be downloaded in the description of the Youtube upload.

Doom seems to have an excellent, violent rhythm to it. Judging by the footage, dodging and using weapons efficiently will determine success. Knowing each demon and its patterns will be a must to take them down without being overwhelmed. To tackle the harder difficulty settings, players will need to master these mechanics. It’s also been said that there will be an Ultra Nightmare mode for those seeking an extreme challenge, one that has players start the game’s campaign over upon death. So far, no one at id Software has beaten it. . .

Already, Doom looks like a return to form with the style and controls that made Doom a household name. Gone are the days of peeking around corners with a flashlight. It’s time to rip limbs and bash skulls!

Personally, I’m excited for Doom. I recently read The Masters of Doom, an excellent biography of id Software’s story, the development of the game, and the often choppy relationship between the two Johns. After reading the history, its cool to see the franchise being held with such reverence and care, especially after Doom 3 split the fanbase. SnapMap, Doom‘s level building feature, could potentially make the game last forever, similar to Super Mario Maker. Granted, a community would have to form around the game, but knowing Doom fans of the past there should be plenty willing to take a stab at level design. I also look forward to some sort of infinite survival mode, dropping the player in a room and seeing how long they can survive waves of demons. If it’s not included in the base game, I’ll probably try to make it so with SnapMap.

Anyone picking this game up on the first day? Let us know so we can get some deathmatch in. Also be sure to share SnapMap levels with us when it launches.

Fight like Hell, my friends.

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