Play Dark Souls 3 in First Person

Play Dark Souls 3 in First Person

Not sure if this is any surprise, but I am obsessed with Dark Souls 3 and have been ever since its release. I’ve always loved the series and was even hesitant to pick up the latest one. Upon doing so I’ve spiraled into the pits of starry eyed fans, all eager for anything Miyazaki has touched. As I am wont to do during these times, I have been pursuing video content and journalism on everything Dark Souls related, as long as it has a small probability of spoiling something of course.

During my tirades through the internet, I came across a mod with tons of potential that allows players to experience Dark Souls 3 in first person. Yes, it exists, and it’s awesome. Watch as Iron Pineapple (one of the premiere channels on everything Souls) shows off some highlights of the mod below.

What’s really interesting is how the ranged weapons work. The mechanics seem to be pretty accurate, taking in height and aiming into typical swordplay. I would imagine that this perspective has its limitations, especially when considering some of the larger bosses, yet there are minor tweaks that could be made with gameplay to supplement what’s already been done. Rolling also seems to be a headache waiting to happen. Yet, imagine rearranging some enemies or adding the ability to use a potion without slowing down or keeping the camera in one place while rolling. Some serious playtesting would be needed for every little change, but it could result in a one of a kind full conversion mod.

Of course, this mod is only available on the PC version of the game and there have been similar mods in the past for the other Souls games. Check out how to get the files for this oneĀ in the video’s description. It’s also important to add that this feature may cause bans in the online space, so use at discretion.

Personally, it makes me yearn for a first person game in the Souls franchise by From Software. Imagine a whole game built with this perspective in mind with the same levels of difficulty and rich, careful design we’ve become accustomed to! I’m drooling at the thought.

Until then, I’ve been enjoying everything Dark Souls 3 has to offer. There are few games I would rather play at the moment.

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