Pokémon Anniversary Continues With Another Mythical Release!

Pokémon Anniversary Continues With Another Mythical Release!

With the Jirachi event over now, it is time for the next mythical up on the chopping block. That’s right! We are finally in the Gen IV mythicals now! Up first is the dark, mystical, sleep-preying Pokémon: Darkrai!


Starting today, trainers are able to find Darkrai themed merchandise all over the Pokewebs. Not only is there merch, but of course you can get your very own Darkrai in ORAS or X and Y! This month will find us all trekking back to GameStop for the codes, as we did with the Mew release back in February. Darkrai will be level 100 upon receiving with the Bad Dreams ability. This will deal damage every turn to sleeping Pokémon. The moves Darkrai comes with are Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Frightmare and Feint Attack.

This event will begin today and ends on May 24th. So be sure to go out there and get your very own dream eater soon! The good news is that if you are unlucky enough to have a GameStop that runs out of codes, you can call the Nintendo Customer Service line and with extra information, you can get a code over the phone for Darkrai. However, as seen with the Mew event, there were plenty of codes to go around!

To be honest, starting next month are the Mythicals that I have missed through my journeys. However, even though I am extremely excited for the new releases, I am a little bit more excited for the box sets that have been released each month. Each one comes with a pin, a full art card, and two generations packs, which have some sweet cards in them. If you get one of your own, what cards did you get? Send us a picture to see what you all catch! Still to come this year are:

June – Manaphy

July – Shaymin

August – Arceus

September – Victini

October – Keldeo

November – Genesect

December – Meloetta

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