Pokémon Anniversary Gets a Little More Legendary

Pokémon Anniversary Gets a Little More Legendary

Unless you’ve been living under a Geodude, you’d know that this is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary! With multiple events and surprises planned throughout the year, the one that is more well known is the distribution of the Mythical Pokemon each month. However, those little rascals over at Nintendo have snuck in a couple more treats for May: Gen VI Legendaries Distribution.

Starting now, players will be able to get the Legendary Zygarde up until May 8th (That is like 5 days away, so don’t dilly dally people!) through the mystery gift option in ORAS or X and Y. This was believed to be related to the Pokemon’s debut in the anime, but another bombshell(der) was dropped on us: it’s not the only legendary being distributed!

Throughout May, North American trainers will have small windows to get their hands on the other legendaries, Xerneas and Yveltal. “Why does this matter, though? These Pokemon are easily caught in X and Y, Doug.” Trust me, I know. BUT. These ones are… wait for it… shiny! That’s right, from May 11th through May 17th and May 20th through May 26th, trainers will be able to get their own shiny Xerneas and Yveltal, respectively, to collect and trade!

This is such an exciting year for Pokefans everywhere, from the distributions, to the remakes, to the new games coming later this year! Be sure to check out how to get your own Darkrai here, and we’ll keep you all up to date on what is new in the Pokeworld! (Please be Pokemon Snap remake or Snap 2. Please please please)

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