Undead Darlings Comes Back to Life on Kickstarter

Undead Darlings Comes Back to Life on Kickstarter

We all remember our first time. NO, I’m not talking about that. Well. Sort of. I’m talking about our first romantic visual novel. I can more than likely tell you what you don’t remember. That’s that the visual novel was also a dungeon crawling RPG. I may be willing to put money down on that, to be honest. Enter Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~. Last year it started its trek on Kickstarter, but unfortunately didn’t reach its goal and died. But that is the thing about zombies. Unless you take out the head, they will come back stronger than before.


Meet Pearl, your childhood friend who has been partially zombified.

Jump to today, and we get the Kickstarter again! This time more is shown of the game, and the goal has been lowered by $5,000. Now the game only needs $45,000 to be funded. The goal is to have this game released for Steam and PlayStation 4, with a Vita release added through stretch goals. So far, the campaign has done really well. On the first day, $11,935 has been raised of the $45,000 goal, with 29 days to go.

Crawl through dungeons, beat up odd monsters and fall in love with the half undead in Undead Darlings.  With over 20 huge floors to discover, loot and secret scenes with your party of three will be waiting for you. While that is a decent size for a dungeon crawler, what about the real meat: the love.

The art of this game is extremely adorable!

The art of this game is extremely adorable!

The script of the game is over 300,000 words (that is twice as many as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, what?!) so it is a decent size. There will be six playable girls that you can mix and match within your party. Each girl will have her own skills, and will get equipment along the way. Don’t look towards a store or currency system to get good items. It’s the apocalypse, so you must rely on your looting skills.

For even more fun, there is an optional post-game dungeon that will unlock a great OP-Character that you can take into New Game Plus with you. Look for about 50 hours of gameplay to unlock everything in the title.

I will leave the story synopsis/ character descriptions to your discretion on the Kickstarter, or if someone here loves Visual Novels and virtually dating and would be interesting in reviewing it, (I don’t really know who that could be) we can dive into it a little deeper.Let’s just say that there are some really, really cute characters (Emily Brinehart and her patchwork teddy bear, Dichroma, may be my favorite.) Check out the Kickstarter here, and if you’re interested, don’t miss out on the Early Bird specials!

Yeah, I am putting money down now that this is who I pursue. Can't wait to have my heart broken!

Yeah, I am putting money down now that this is who I pursue. Can’t wait to have my heart broken!

While the game isn’t extremely close to being finished, Mr. Tired Media plans on having a playable demo ready for PAX Prime. I am actually really hoping this will get the attention it deserves, and not return to the realm of the undead, because I feel like I could fall in love in…uh.. I mean with… this game. Yeah. That one. The title is estimated to be released April of next year. You can donate to this Kickstarter by clicking HERE.

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