Hologrid: Monster Battle Gets Campaign Update As We Draw Near a Close

Hologrid: Monster Battle Gets Campaign Update As We Draw Near a Close

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Hologrid: Monster Battle, an AR board/ card game from Tippett Studio and HappyGiant that is currently on Kickstarter. There are four days to go in the campaign, and they are so close to their goal of $100,000. (They are at $76,340 as of right now.) Here’s an excited bit of information: I got my hands on a few cards and the app, and it is cool.

While the demo I have is essentially a demo of the demo, it does show a few things. After my initial recognition problems from my phone, which were resolved soon after I pointed out a problem, I had no problems whatsoever. Once the phone saw the cards, the monsters popped out, and it was actually an exciting moment. Each of the monsters are designed by Phil Tippett, so you know they are going to be neat. You can move your phone around the monsters and see their details from multiple angles; they’re not just 2D pictures, but 3D “living” monsters. As I moved my phone closer to each monster, they did not blur, or distort, but held their resolution as long as the card was seen by the camera. That is impressive to me.

Since this demo only involves the AR portion, no gameplay yet, that is really the extent of what I got to see and do, but it is promising. It shows that the software does in fact work. It shows that they are a strong idea behind them. It shows determination. A few other bits of information: You have until Tuesday June 7th to back this project. Also, in a more exciting front, online multiplayer is no longer a stretch goal, but will be included in the base game for everyone! The inner child who loves Yu-Gi-Oh! is shrieking with joy. His dreams are coming true. If you would like to back the project, you can visit the page here and check out a trailer for the game. I honestly hope this gets fully backed, because I would love to get my hands on a full copy!

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