Who’s Ready For Some Robot Deathmatches?

Who’s Ready For Some Robot Deathmatches?

Dreamsail games and Sony are bringing battlebots to your home this August with their new title Blade Ballet.  What is Blade Bellet? Dreamsail describes this game as a whirling dance of multiplayer robot destruction in which each bot possesses a unique personality and special abilities. Players must master their abilities to claim victory while spinning from one challenging arena to the next, battling for dominance. It sounds like I’ll finally get to build an awesome battle robot without knowing a single thing about robotics.  All I know is we are going to need more saw blades and a large hammer!

Blade Ballet

Believe it or not this game does have a bit of a backstory to it. Apparently, after the crumbling of civilization and the extinction of the human race, mysterious automatons are all that remain to carry on our legacy. These adorable yet deadly robotic creatures survive the test of time millions of years into the future. The factories that created them continue their manufacturing cycles for all eternity, creating thousands of new robots daily that flood the streets of bot cities and consume precious resources. In order to perpetuate robot society, the bots submit to deathsport after their life cycle is complete. It’s a form of both recycling and natural selection. This display of mechanical prowess is brought to you live for your enjoyment, in a deadly game of Blade Ballet. Kind of like a population control version of the hunger games for robot battle machines.

Blade Ballet3 E3

Blade Ballet is simple enough for anyone to pick up a controller and jump into the fray, but players must master the timing and unique abilities of each bot to come out on top. This makes the game easily accessible to new players, while allowing for a high skill ceiling to truly compete with your friends. Much of the Blade Ballet game-play revolves around the innovative “blade spin” mechanic where players control their rotation to sneak past their opponents’ defenses and secure the kill. Each arena also introduces new game mechanics that players must work into their strategies. What do you think of the upcoming robot death-match Blade Ballet? Does it look like something you’ll be picking up in August? Let us know what you think in the comments, and be on the lookout for Blade Ballet in August.

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