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Crash Bandicoot Remake Coming to PS4

Crash Bandicoot Remake Coming to PS4

Sony’s elaborate Playstation event wasn’t subtle about their revival of one of the most iconic Playstation characters. Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped are getting the remake treatment. However, no other details have yet to be confirmed by Sony, other than that very fact that it is happening. At the Playstation Experience at a local theater, I watched as people clapped and whooped louder at this than any other announcement. I may have been one of the first to raise a ruckus. . .

Sony did, however, give us a trailer for Crash as a guest character in Skylanders Imaginators, which is slated for a release in October. What followed was a pleasant character portrayal that also confirmed my need to purchase the inevitable Skylanders figure that will unlock Crash. I need more Bandicoot in my life and a collectible like this, might just get me to break down and play a Skylanders game for the first time. Maybe. . .

Either way, the trailer of Crash in Imaginators can be viewed below.

The only thing that could lessen my excitement would be if the remakes were released one at a time. I would love to see all three on a single disc, but honestly I’ll take it anyway Sony wants to present one of my favorite characters. It would also be a bit of a disappointment if Crash was only available in a Skylanders starter pack. Once again, even if I have to drop the bones for the full package, if Crash is in it, I may have to.

Now to load up my old PS1 discs!

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