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Dead Rising 4 Images Leaked ahead of Microsoft Show

Dead Rising 4 Images Leaked ahead of Microsoft Show

Dead Rising 4 looks to be taking the tried and true method of killing waves of the undead with ridiculous weaponry to the next degree. A collection of images and truly brutal GIFs show off the games over the top violence and the inclusion of some sort of exo-suit.

Alright, who ripped one?

Alright, who ripped one?

Already the game looks to be pushing the limits of the Xbox One. No official information about the game’s modes or features have surfaced from Microsoft officially, but the Press Event will undoubtedly shed some light on the title.

If anything, the gallery shows some of the ways players will be able to use zombies as weapons. Judging by the images alone, we can expect their to be some sort of suit to give the hero super human abilities, which reminds me a lot of another Xbox exclusive, Crackdown.┬áIt’ll be interesting to see how the series’ unique, offbeat humor plays into such a detailed game.

Interesting as well, at least one of the environments will be Willamette, which looks kinda like a boardwalk town, but of course that’s based on pure speculation. Personally, I can’t wait to swing around that concrete hammer. The inclusion of the exo-suit should open up how players tackle the world, maybe even adding supreme mobility.

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Surely, we’ll be seeing a ton or more footage and details as E3 develops.

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