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Deep Silver Announce Agents of Mayhem

Deep Silver Announce Agents of Mayhem

Deep Silver know a thing or two about making chaotic, frantic experiences. They’re the folks behind the cult hit Dead Island and are the publishing force behind getting Mighty No. 9 into the hands of players (even if the recent trailer flopped that’s still pretty cool). They also brought the hilarious Saints Row franchise into existence, which proved that more games need a Dubstep Gun. Now they have a new project in tow, Agents of Mayhem, a new open world experience, which will be playable by appointment at E3 2016.

Visually the game looks incredible, with a unique mix of 3D rendering with hand-drawn animations similar to the visual comics of Marvel. This could be the next new game to watch as it is developed. Deep Silver’s humor seems to be in tact as well.

Other than the inferences one can make after watching the trailer, there is little information available about what the game actually is. The official website does have a few screenshots here and there, but there’s no gameplay footage available yet. E3 should shed some light on this though, as a playable build will probably be offered to those able to book an appointment. We’ll keep a careful watch on Deep Silver as Agents of Mayhem starts to blossom.

Any game that’ll let me throw a harpoon while shouting, “Ahoy, mother fucker” is probably worth my attention.

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