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HyperX Announces Co-developed Product With The Coalition

HyperX Announces Co-developed Product With The Coalition

HyperX has been having a good year. They recently just released their new Xbox One licensed headset, the HyperX CloudX, and now they have an even bigger announcement. Announced at E3, they are proud to partner with The Coalition, none other than the developer of Gears of War. What does this mean for HyperX?

HyperX has been known to support many eSports teams, and one of their favorite titles just so happens to be the Gears of War franchise. With this new…*cough* coalition *cough* … co-developed products will be brought to the Gears of War community soon. Jerry Chu, Director of Licensing at The Coaltion said of the joining:

“The Gears of War franchise is an acclaimed third-person shooter built on innovation and over the top gameplay… We’re extremely excited to announce this partnership with HyperX and look forward to developing products that will provide an immersive experience for our Gears of War community. It’s an exciting time for both our companies in the Gears Universe.”

A very exciting time indeed! This news also comes off of the announcement of the Gears of War 4 elite controller (seriously, if you haven’t looked at this beauty, you need to) so it is expected to be a headset of a sort. What kind? Probably one with a grenade attached or a chainsaw. (my money’s on the chainsaw) Honestly, it is going to be over the top, and it is going to be sick. Fans can get their hands on the co-developed product starting next month.

What is it going to be? Do you have a guess? Are you excited for all of the Gears of Four (how can you not call it that) hype? Let us know down below!

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