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New Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Revealed

New Pokemon Sun and Moon Details Revealed

This week at E3, Nintendo Treehouse Live gave fans quite a bit of information. One of those games that got a little more fleshed out is Pokemon Sun and Moon. With all of this new information, let’s jump right in.

First up is the announcement of three new Pokemon. First is the Woodpecker Pokemon Pikipek. Not only does it look adorable, but that name is just as cheesy and adorable! Some fun facts about it is that it can fire seeds with enough force to embed them into trees, as well as bore holes into trees by striking them 16 times a second. What a little firecracker. Next is the Loitering Pokemon Yungoos. This little normal Pokemon has a mighty hunger, and a mightier temper when that hunger is not satisfied. Yungoos will have a new ability- Stakeout. This new tactic allows the little guy to deal double damage against any switched in Pokemon or one that enters the field mid-battle. Last is the Larva Pokemon Grubbin. This is a burrowing Bug-type Pokemon that uses sticky threads from its mouth to swing around. Catch all three this November!

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New to Sun and Moon, Battle Royal is a new mode that pits four players against one another. In these fights, each trainer chooses three Pokemon and sends them out one at a time. When one player is eliminated, the match is over. Each player is ranked based on how many Pokemon was defeated by your team, and how many are still fighting fit on it. I am personally really intrigued to see how this affects competitive play amongst friends.

Say hello to the new battle mode, Battle Royal

Say hello to the new battle mode, Battle Royal

Revealed a few months ago, Magearna has been shrouded in mystery. This week, it was revealed Magearna was created 500 years ago, as well as has the power to perceive the emotions, thoughts and feelings of other Pokemon and will be making its debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon. An artificial life created by the life of other Pokemon, the Soul-Heart, lies in Magearna’s chest, giving it life. This is also its new ability. Soul-Heart will raise its Special Attack by one each time a Pokemon faints in the arena. Get your very own later this year when a QR code is distributed in North America, ready to be scanned into the game.

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Finally, the Legendary Pokemon of the games, Solgaleo and Lunala, get their very own power forms. Instead of megas, they will get a Radiant Sun phase and a Full Moon phase, respectively.

So what do you all think? Are there enough new Pokemans to keep you intrigued? Do these features tickle your fancy? Keep tuned to find out new information as it’s released!

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